what awaits us? 1/52

It was 2009 when last time I did photo project requiring from me to take a photo and post it to the blog on regular basis. And it lasted a bit over a year and a half, even thought initially I was set to finish after 365 pictures were taken.
My life has taken me through some ups and downs. And I haven't seem capable of taking up another photo project of this kind.
But I am going to try now! I have missed not having something like that on my plate (even though believe me- I do have more than enough even without it, ha ha ha!).

Another inspiration and motivation came from friends who do their project, like this one or this.

This time I am going to attempt project 52- photo a week. I want to mainly concentrate on my little boy, since it's his existence that fills my life completely. But perhaps occasions will arise to branch out from this main theme?
I hope one day it will be nice journal to go through and look at our life: of my boy and mine.

Please stop by from time to time, comment if you wish. I would love for you to let me know what you think as we go along. And most of all- keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Looks like this could be fun following him as he explores his world.

    1. Sandy, I hope it will become a little journey with him as the explorer :)


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